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Usb Powered Pc Speakers

Our stereo sound for the desktop is fabricated with high-quality Usb Powered pc speakers, they are fantastic substitute to make your work and life easier, and they look terrific too! Our speakers are equipped with three stereo bass drivers, so you'll get the best sound possible. Plus, our wired 3, 5 mm jack takes all the hassle and anes and makes it facile to add an extra 3. 5 mm audio jack to your computer.

Usb Powered Pc Speakers Amazon

This is an 3, 5 mm jack sound bar for use with desktop pcs. The sound is adjustable from -5 db to 5 db, and is buzzer-style sound, the bar is manufactured of durable plastic and offers a heal to keep it in place. The speakers are mini-jack-style and are adjustable from -5 db to 25 db, the sound quality is good for 3. 5 mm jack this is a stereo sound bar that uses Usb power to provide speaker-like performance, it is 3. 5 mm jack-based and compatible with most desktop platforms, including the iphone, ipad, android phones, and computers, the bar also features a for convenience, and is adjustable to suit any size desktop. These wired computer speakers with Usb 2, 0 Powered pc speakers stereo multimedia rgb are valuable for listening to your documents or music from your computer. They're also outstanding for playing games or watching a movie if you have a movies or tv show with Usb 2, 0 support. Our Usb Powered pc speakers are top-notch surrogate to turn your computer into best scouring speaker, they come with our mini camouflage speaker which can be customized with various colors and patterns. Plus, we can add any other audio or video product, our speakers are facile to set up and are unrivaled for use on a computer or in a room with a large crowd.